State Roundtable Workgroups/Committees

The State Roundtable establishes workgroups to research and address statewide areas of concern for the PA Dependency System.  All workgroups are chaired by a dependency judge. Some workgroups are co-chaird by a county child welfare administrator. Workgroup membership includes judges, child welfare professionals and other key stakeholders based on the topic.   

Each year, Workgroups prepare State Roundtable Reports outlining the progress of the group, research conducted and recommendations to address the areas of concern.  Workgroup reports often include a series of recommendations that local jurisdictions can use as guidance on addressing systemic dependency issues in their communities. 

Please click on the links below to visit the webpage for each State Roundtable Workgroup and to access approved State Roundtable reports. To view a listing of all reports click here.

Current Workgroups/Committees:

Former Workgroups/Committees: