Permanency Practice Initiative

The Pennsylvania Permanency Practice Initiative (PPI) was commissioned by the State Roundtable in June 2007.  The PPI forms the practice change foundation for Pennsylvania’s Dependency System.  Currently, thirty-six (36) counties are participating in the PPI. These counties supervise 78.6% of all children in Pennsylvania’s out-of-home care system as of March 2015.

The underlying premise of the PPI is that enhanced judicial oversight combined with strength-based, family-led social work practice will ultimately increase the number of children safely maintained in their own homes and support expedited permanency either through safe reunification or the finalization of another permanent plan. 

The PPI practice combination includes all of the following:

  • Local Children’s Roundtable – Convened by the lead Dependency Judge and co-facilitated with the Child Welfare  Agency Administrator
  • Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) – Dependency Module
  • 3 Month Judicial Reviews
  • Family Group Decision Making (FGDM)
  • Family Finding (FF)
  • A county specific plan for training providers and the community in strength-based practice/philosophy
  • Grief & Loss Education

The Permanency Practice Initiative is being guided by the State Roundtable’s Permanency Practice Initiative Workgroup.  The Workgroup, co-chaired by the Honorable Eleanor L. Bush, Judge, Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County and Rick Saylor, Director of Children’s Services, Lycoming County Children and Youth Services, submitted its first SRT written report in May 2015.  The reports provide an overview and analysis of the PPI, as well as recommendations for PPI enhancements.  

To view a copy of the PPI Leadership Team Reports to the State Roundtable, click here.