State Roundtable Reports

2023 State Roundtable Report

The State Roundtable (SRT) unanimously approved the 2023 State Roundtable report presented on behalf of the Autism and the Dependency Courts Taskforce, led by Chairperson Kevin M. Dougherty, Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. This report outlines the yearlong completion of the Taskforce’s education plan, including educational overviews, advanced sessions, and regional summits.

Over 2,035 participants attended the education sessions provided. This report also describes how the previously approved Environmental Analysis Tool and the Autism & the Dependency System County Roadmap were tested by two counties before statewide distribution. In addition, at the request of the Taskforce, the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) Information Technology Department created a pathway through the Pennsylvania Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) to document when an individual on a dependency case has been diagnosed or self-reports as having Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This information is recorded in the special considerations category and allows the court to become more aware and responsive to any special accommodations needed for that individual. This report contains the data collected throughout the past year.

2022 State Roundtable Report

The first Autism Taskforce State Roundtable report contains Chairperson Justice Kevin Dougherty’s beginning work on Autism leading up to the creation of the Autism Taskforce. The report outlines the steps being taken by the Taskforce to improve the dependency court experience of children and families with ASD. The report also addresses the need for a comprehensive Education Plan targeting legal, child welfare, and Local Children’s Roundtable professionals. This Education Plan contains advanced educational sessions, video resources, and a detailed list of training.

Finally, the report provides two tools: a Local Roadmap and an Environmental Analysis. The Local Roadmap is designed to help local Children’s Roundtables and communities create a process to bring awareness to and navigate the complex issues facing children and families with ASD. This Roadmap supports the identification of system strengths and gaps and includes a structure for implementing changes at a local level. The Environmental Analysis Tool is designed to assess the physical environment of agencies and courts that serve children and families diagnosed with ASD and provides guidance to create an ASD-friendly space.

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