State Roundtable Reports

2018 State Roundtable Report

In May 2018, the Transitional Youth Workgroup presented its FINAL REPORT to the State Roundtable.  This report shows the analysis of congregate care data, over a five year period, through Pennsylvania’s Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) and Department of Human Services, General Indicators found in the Needs Based Plan and Budget.  Through this analysis, eight counties were identified as having low use of congregate care. Two separate surveys were then administered to each of these county’s Child Welfare Administrator and Dependency Judge, in an effort to determine any consistency within practice that would account for their similarly low use of congregate care.  The results of the surveys are contained within this report.  Finally, a summary of all workgroup products and accomplishments, including research, educational outreach and tools to address multiple older youth issues, from 2013-2018 can also be found within this report.  The report concludes with its final recommendation to the State Roundtable to convene a workgroup to further examine the use of congregate care for Pennsylvania’s dependent youth.

2017 State Roundtable Report

The 2017 State Roundtable approved all work in this year’s report.  Information contained within this year’s report highlights the completion of two main recommendations from 2016:  Data analysis of a nine county congregate care analysis and creation of a presentation for the 2017 Children’s Summit.  Several themes are outlined from the congregate care analysis data including a high number of youth with mental health challenges, congregate care use as a first time placement option and limited or no family connections.  A full report of the Congregate Care Survey Analysis Project can be found at the end of the report, along with a Discussion Guide When Considering Congregate Care Placement, created by the Workgroup to guide discussion at Local Children’s Roundtables.  Next, details are provided from the 2017 Children’s Summit presentation on “Exploring Typical Adolescent Behavior using Evidence Based Theorist and Real Life.” The Presentation examined how adult reactions to normal adolescent behaviors can impact developmental growth towards healthy productive adulthood.  Finally, during State Roundtable discussion, it was decided to include a recommendation for County’s to consider the inclusion of an older youth on their Local Children’s Roundtable.  To view the report, click the picture on the right.

2016 State Roundtable

In May 2016, the State Roundtable approved the Transitional Youth Workgroup’s report and recommendations for the upcoming year.  This report emphasizes the critical need to ensure that older youth in the dependency system are afforded the same opportunities, as other older youth, to participate in age and developmentally appropriate activities.  To assist counties, the Workgroup developed a template for recommended provider contract language.  To empower older youth in the court process, the Workgroup also created a Youth Court Guide to help navigate through the dependency process.  Furthermore, two APPLA Permanency Tool Charts were created to help guide counties to the most appropriate and desirable permanency goal for older youth.  Finally, the report shares preliminary findings from a congregate care analysis completed in nine counties across the state.  Over the next year, the Workgroup will continue analyzing the congregate care data and supporting the need for older youth in the dependency system to grow up with the same opportunities for activities and family supports necessary to ensure a healthy and productive future.

2015 State Roundtable Report

The 2015 Transitional Youth Workgroup report proudly displays a number of highlighted accomplishments for 2015.  This report continues to examine older youth being placed outside of the home and the use of congregate care placement.  This report provides key strategies for “right-sizing” congregate care being used nationally.  In an effort to help educate Pennsylvania’s older youth on Act 91, the Workgroup partnered with the Juvenile Law Center to create two videos: Act 91 Extension of Care Video and Act 91 Resumption of Care Video.   Recognizing H.R. 4980 and how its provisions would present a significant change in Pennsylvania practice, the Workgroup coordinated a panel presentation for the 2014 Children’s Roundtable Summit to show the connection between well-being and normalcy for older youth in placement.  A summary of the panel presentation can be found in this report.  Click the picture to the right to view the full report.

2014 State Roundtable Report

“Closing the Gap:  A Meaningful Transition into Independent Living for Youth Aging Out of the Foster Care System,” ~ a report to the State Roundtable.  The 2014 Transitional Youth Workgroup report presents further examination of “right-sizing” congregate care use and the negative impact of congregate care on youth and the dependency system as a whole.  This report emphasizes the need for placement to be seen as a temporary, not final, goal option for older youth.  This report further supports the need for older youth to form lifelong connections.  Finally, provided within are potential strategies for “right-sizing” congregate care use. Click the picture to the right to view the full report.

2013 State Roundtable Report

“Closing the Gap:  A Meaningful Transition into Independent Living for Youth Aging Out of the Foster Care System,” ~ a report to the State Roundtable.  The 2013 Transitional Youth Workgroup report examines the impact of recently enacted Act 91, including what supportive measures the Workgroup can offer to ensure its implementation.  To assist informing older youth of the new options available to them under Act 91, this report provides finalized flyers, to be distributed throughout Pennsylvania.   This report also includes a new chapter for the Pennsylvania Dependency Benchbook on Transitional Youth, to be included in the next Benchbook revisions.  Finally, this report contains initial information on congregate care and the need for “right-sizing” its use with older youth.Click the picture to the right to view the full report.

2012 State Roundtable Report

“Closing the Gap:  A Meaningful Transition into Independent Living for Youth Aging Out of the Foster Care System,” ~ a report to the State Roundtable.  The 2012 Transitional Youth Workgroup report is the first report presented to the State Roundtable.  This report comprises the effort of the Workgroup to examine statewide and national data and research of older youth’s experience when placed outside of the home.  The report analyzes the unique challenges faced by many older youth as they grow up in the dependency system and begin to transition into adulthood.  The report also emphasizes the need to focus on the permanency goal, placement options and connections for older youth entering care. Click the picture to the right to view the full report.