Benchbook Resource Companion – 2nd Edition

In February 2022, the Pennsylvania Benchbook Resource Companion (PBRC) 2nd Edition was released. The PBRC 2nd Edition, revised by the Pennsylvania Dependency Benchbook Committee, a group of seasoned trial court judges overseeing dependency proceedings, contains an updated collection of social science resources.

The purpose of the PBRC hasn’t changed: it is intended to provide new and seasoned judges with a compilation of social science resources that can be easily accessed and are pertinent to their work in dependency court. This revised edition contains updated social science resources and three new topic sections. These new sections include Autism, Implicit Bias, and Reasonable Efforts.

While the PBRC was created by judges for judges, we encourage everyone involved in Pennsylvania’s Child Dependency system to access and utilize this resource.

The PBRC sections can be electronically accessed below.

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