Transitional Youth

In May 2011, the Pennsylvania State Roundtable identified the unique needs and challenges of older youth as a priority issue and convened the Transitional Youth Workgroup. The Workgroup’s initial charge from the State Roundtable was broad: to examine issues facing older youth in the Pennsylvania foster care system, with emphasis on the unique needs of youth transitioning to adulthood. 

The challenges teenagers experience are difficult in the best of circumstances, but even more difficult for a teenager placed outside of their home.  Through their efforts, the Workgroup hopes to provide information, recommendations and tools to counties to assist older youth in achieving permanency, well-being, normalcy and gain lifelong connections.  To provide focus, the Workgroup adopted the following belief underscoring its work:  “Any youth leaving the foster care system without the needed supports or resources is a failure of the system, not the youth.”

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