Leadership Roundtables

The second, or intermediate, tier of the roundtable infrastructure is known as the Leadership Roundtables (LR). There are seven LRs dividing Pennsylvania’s 60 judicial districts into groups based on size.

There are a minimum of five judicial districts per LR. The number of judicial districts per LR varies slightly to keep like-size judicial districts together. The dependency judge, children and youth administrator and one additional designated stakeholder from the LCR join one of the seven LRs. At this level, counties are able to raise topical areas of interest or concerns from their own LCR and provide each other with support, problem solving techniques and practice awareness.

The expectation is that like-size judicial districts will share similar concerns, solutions and resources. The LRs meet twice a year, (spring and fall) and are co-chaired by a dependency court judge from one judicial district and a children and youth administrator from another.