CPCMS Dependency Module

Since 2010, all 67 Pennsylvania counties use the CPCMS dependency module designed to create uniformity in court orders and gather common statistical information on dependency cases.

The system aims to make Pennsylvania courts more responsive to the needs of children and families safely reducing the time abused and neglected children spend in foster homes. The system provides case-specific and aggregate data for local courts as well as statewide data. Additionally, the computerized dependency system brings consistency to the dependency matters by implementing common judicial Finding & Order forms for each dependency hearing.

The Office of Children and Families in the Courts is responsible for analyzing and synthesizing data gathered from the Automated Dependency Judicial Tracking System in the Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) and the Permanency Practice Initiative Quarterly Reports. The performance measures for this system were derived from the 9 priority performance measures recommended by The National Council for Juvenile and Family CourtNational Center for State Courts and the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law.

The 9 Priority Performance Measures

  • Child Safety while Under Court Jurisdiction
  • Child Safety after Release from Court Jurisdiction
  • Achievement of Child Permanency
  • Timeline to Permanent Placement
  • Timeline to Adjudication
  • Timeline to First Permanency Hearing
  • Timeline to Termination of Parental Rights
  • Service of Process to Parties
  • Number of Judicial Officers per Case

To access CPCMS Dependency Forms, click here.