Child Dependency System

Child Dependency Court is different than other court proceedings. To begin with, the average person probably doesn’t have a clear picture of what goes on inside a courtroom.

When you throw in the added complexity of dependency matters, the whole system can seem quite daunting. This can be a confusing and challenging time for your family, and it is important to familiarize yourself with the processes that govern dependency court. These processes cover the types and timing of the hearings that you will be asked to attend to the laws that the courts are charged with enforcing. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Remember, it might seem like you are fighting against your caseworker, but really, both of you are working towards the same goal; returning your children to your home safely.

Court Processes

Once a child has been placed under the supervision of the court, the judge or hearing officer will hold a number of hearings to ensure his or her safety. Learn the purpose and timing of each hearing.
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Statutes, Regulations & Laws

There are a number of laws, statues, regulations and procedural rules that govern the mandates of the Child Dependency System. We’ve collected some of the most important here.
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Court Guides

If you do not spend a lot of time in court, you might be wondering about what to expect. We’ve compiled a number of guides that should make the experience a little bit less intimidating.
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