Educational Success and Truancy Prevention

The Educational Success and Truancy Prevention Workgroup, commissioned by the Pennsylvania State Roundtable, was formally launched in December 2009.  Initially, the charge of the Workgroup was to gather information about critical systemic issues in Pennsylvania regarding truancy and to offer an approach for counties to address truancy issues.  In 2011, the Pennsylvania State Roundtable expanded the mission of the group to include educational stability and success for children in foster care.

The Workgroup is chaired by the Honorable John Kuhn, Court of Common Pleas, Adams County, Judge Mary Ann Ullman, Court of Common Pleas, Berks County and Cynthia Stoltz, Esq., Children’s Court Administrator, Allegheny County.  Workgroup members include a variety of respected experts representing multiple disciplines including courts, child welfare and education. Please click here for a listing of current Workgroup members.

Each year since 2010, the Workgroup provides a detailed report and recommendations to the Pennsylvania State Roundtable.  

To view the Educational Success and Truancy Prevention Workgroup State Roundtable Reports 2010-2016click here.

Click here for Pennsylvania Truancy Statistics
2013/2014 truancy data provided by the PA Department of Education

Is Cyber Charter School the Best Option?

Considerations for Cyber Charter School Enrollment for Students Before the Court

During 2013-2014 the Workgroup spent a significant amount of time discussing the benefits and limitations of Cyber Charter Schools for at-risk and dependent youth.  To assist families, caretakers, courts, attorneys, child welfare professionals and other stakeholders, the Workgroup developed Considerations for Cyber Charter School Enrollment for Students before the Court.  The brochure offers a series of questions for students, parents and courts to consider if Cyber Charter School is the best academic option for a student involved in the dependency system.  This document may also benefit youth at-risk or involved in the delinquency system.   Click the picture at the right to download the brochure.

Is Cyber Charter School the Best Option?