Psychotropic Medications

Many children in the dependency system receive some form of psychotropic medication.  In fact, according to the latest statistics*, Pennsylvania children on Medicaid and in foster care receive psychotropic medication at a rate three times higher than children in the general Medicaid population.  That’s 43% compared to 16%!

In 2011 the State Roundtable convened a workgroup to examine the issue. From 2011 to 2014 the Workgroup explored many aspects of psychotropic medication and foster care.  Their task was to suggest a way for judges, lawyers and child welfare staff to make certain that foster children were receiving medication in the most appropriate manner. Please click here for a listing of current Workgroup members

The group created a number of tools to assist counties in doing this including a key questions card, a guide to help local children’s roundtables and a toolkit of information to explore this issue in detail.  Click the cd picture below to access the toolkit of a variety of resources/information. The Workgroup also recommended that everyone involved in a dependent child’s life ask the “Blue Box Questions” (below). To view the Psychotropic Medication Workgroup State Roundtable Reportsclick here.

Click cd above to view the Toolkit    

The Psychotropic Medication Guide was created to generate discussion and develop a shared understanding on the issues pertaining to the prescribing practices, oversight and monitoring of psychotropic medication for Pennsylvania’s dependent children and youth in out-of-homeplacement. Members of the State Roundtable’s Workgroup on Psychotropic Medication hope the guide will be useful as Local Children’s Roundtables or subcommittees of the Roundtable begin the conversation about creating a shared value system regarding the physical and emotional well-being of children and the needs, opportunities and available services that currently exist to support children in health and wellness.  Click the picture to the right to access this guide.

*2015, Policy Lab, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Psychotropic Medication Use by Pennsylvania Children in Foster Care and Enrolled in Medicaid