2015 State Roundtable

The 2015 State Roundtable was held in May 2015 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  The Roundtable is chaired by the Honorable Max Baer, PA Supreme Court and Cathy Utz, Deputy Secretary, Office of Children Youth and Families, PA Department of Human Services.  Members in attendance included: Administrative Office of PA Courts; Office of Children and Families in the Courts Administrator and staff; Secretary for the Department of Drugs & Alcohol Programs; Director for the Bureau of Policy Planning, and Program Development, Department of Mental Health; Executive Deputy Secretary for the PA Department of Education; dependency judges and child welfare administrators representing all 67 counties, hearing officers, attorneys and other invited stakeholders.

During the 2015 State Roundtable meeting, members unanimously agreed upon the creation of a new State Roundtable Workgroup charged with examining the issue of staff turnover in child welfare. The Workgroup will convene in the fall of 2015 and a full report will be issued at the 2016 State Roundtable.

Click here to see the 2015 State Roundtable Agenda.  Click the links below to view the 2015 State Roundtable Reports.

2015 Workgroup Reports

Dependent Children of Incarcerated Parents

Drug & Alcohol

Educational Success and Truancy Prevention

Hearing Officer Education

Legal Representation 

Standards of Practice for Attorney’s, Guardians Ad Litem & Legal Counsel practicing in Pennsylvania’s Child Dependency System

Permanency Practice Initiative

Transitional Youth