Strength-based Practice and Philosophy

During the 2014 State Roundtable (SRT), the Permanency Practice Initiative (PPI) Workgroup was tasked with reviewing and evaluating the required PPI elements, as well as, consider possible new elements and make recommendations to the State Roundtable. As a result, the 2015 SRT accepted the Workgroup recommendation that FDC/SWC no longer be a required PPI element. That said, the Workgroup recognized the critical importance of supporting strength-based capacity within the provider community.

It was then determined that PPI counties would be required to develop a plan for training providers and the community in strength-based work.  PPI counties could choose to utilize FDC/SWC as their training curriculum but would not be required to use that specific curriculum. As such, PPI counties would have the flexibility to identify a training curriculum other than FDC/SWC, as long as it incorporated strength-based practices and philosophy.

The PPI Workgroup conducted a follow-up survey in January 2016 to learn about some of the replacement practices being used in counties.

The replacement practices included: