State Roundtable Report

2014 State Roundtable Report

In this final State Roundtable report, information regarding foster parent’s perspective on psychotropic medication for foster children and the Healthcare workgroup convened by the Department of Human Services Office of Children, Youth, and Families to continue the work of data analysis and development of state level policies for monitoring psychotropic medication usage by foster children is provided.  The final recommendation of the Workgroup was the creation of a workgroup to examine the issue of traumatization in the dependency system. Click the picture to the right to view the full report.

2013 State Roundtable Report

The Psychotropic Medication Workgroup’s 2013 State Roundtable report identifies possible “red flags” when psychotropic medications are used with dependent children. These “red flags” signal a need for further information about the medications use with a particular child. Included in the report is the Psychotropic Medication Discussion Guide for Local Children’s Roundtables (a resource for counties interested in exploring various areas related to local prescribing/monitoring practices), the Key Questions card (a resource for caseworkers, lawyers and judges to assist in gathering, analyzing and understanding the need and effectiveness of pharmacological treatment with children), and the Child Welfare Trauma Referral Tool, (a quick screening tool to assist caseworkers in determining which children may be suffering from trauma-related problems that require trauma-specific treatment). Click the picture to the right to view the full report.

2012 State Roundtable Report

“To Each What They Need: Monitoring and Oversight of Psychotropic Medication for Dependent Children” report to the State Roundtable describes the activities of the Psychotropic Medication Workgroup during the first year.  The report details national and state statistics on the psychotropic medication prescription trends to dependent children as well as best practice ideas from national organizations and jurisdictions.  The essential “blue box questions” are also explained in this report. Click the picture to the right to view the full report.