State Roundtable Reports

2019 State Roundtable Report

In 2019, the Caseworker Retention Workgroup submitted its final report to the State Roundtable.  This report focuses on final efforts to examine and reduce documentation and more effectively collect statewide turnover data.  In addition, this report summarizes revisions being made to enhance supervisor training through the Child Welfare Resource Center, including the development of a supervisory support networking plan.  Finally, this report provides a recap of workgroup accomplishments since 2015, including several resources and tools.  Although the report recommends concluding the Workgroup’s work at this time, it also emphasizes the need for county and state retention efforts to continue, including discussions around civil service recruitment and the impact of private provider turnover. The State Roundtable approved the workgroup’s recommendation to end, based on completion of its original charge. To view the report, click the picture to the right.

2018 State Roundtable Report

“The 2018 Caseworker Retention Workgroup report to the State Roundtable contains several resources that can be used to impact county caseworker retention. Over the past year, much work was put into the creation of a county Media Messaging Guide, which can be used to assist counties in identifying efforts specific to a monthly topic.  In addition, this report highlights two Governor Proclamations, which were collaboratively drafted by members of the Workgroup, one specific for child welfare professionals and the other for child welfare service providers.  This report also contains a summary of strategies and promising practice approaches, which counties can use, to address retention.  Finally, enhanced data collection methods are outlined and will provide ongoing information to assess Pennsylvania’s retention of caseworkers.   All recommendations from this year’s report were approved. To view the report, click the picture to the right.”

2017 State Roundtable Report

The 2017 State Roundtable Report contains several resources to examine local caseworker retention. Information contained within the report includes the following work products completed over the past year: guidance for calculating the cost of turnover within the local child welfare agency; evidence based approaches to addressing retention, including a tool “Targeted Solutions for Reducing Turnover,” which provides several options to fit each county’s cause of turnover; Workgroup Stay Interview Outcome analysis done by the University of Pittsburgh; a tool for “Reducing Caseworker Stress in the Courtroom;” March 27, 2017 County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania presentation PowerPoints; and April 26, 2017 Children’s Summit presentation PowerPoint. All recommendations from this year’s report were approved. To view the report, click the picture to the right.

2016 State Roundtable Report

At the 2016 State Roundtable, the Caseworker Retention Workgroup provided its first report. This report includes national and statewide data examined to determine how Pennsylvania compared to other states in their efforts to retain caseworkers. Additionally, this report specifies the impact caseworker retention has on the court, state, county, child welfare agency and children and families. Two best practices identified in Pennsylvania, onboarding and stay interviews, are highlighted. Finally, a Stay Interview was administered to Caseworkers throughout Pennsylvania, with an astounding 1359 responses. A copy of the Stay Interview can be found at the end of this report. To view the report, click the picture to the right.