Child Dependency System

Dependency Court is different than other court proceedings. The average person probably doesn’t have a clear picture of what goes on inside a court room to begin with.

When you throw in the added complexity that is inherent in dependency matters, the whole system can seem quite daunting. But no matter what role you play, it is important to understand the system as a whole. Everyone involved in dependency matters has the same goal — the long term health and safety of the child or children in question. That goal is most likely to be achieved when everybody within the system is working together seamlessly. From the teacher or youth pastor who spots a potential problem, to the senior services provider that may be tasked with helping an elderly couple who unexpectedly found young children under their care, dependency issues can span a wide range of services.

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Court Processes

Once a child has been placed under the supervision of the court, the judge or hearing officer will hold a number of hearings to ensure his or her safety. Learn the purpose and timing of each hearing.
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Statutes, Regulations & Laws

There are a number of laws, statues, regulations and procedural rules that govern the mandates of the Child Dependency System. We’ve collected some of the most important here.
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Testifying in Court

Dependency hearings are serious matters, and whether you testify on a regular basis or have never testified before, it is important to know what to expect going in.
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Generic Life Cycle of a Dependency Case – flow chart