Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meetings

Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meetings are a core component of the Family Engagement Initiative.  The goal of either a Crisis Response Family Meeting (immediate to within 24 hours of the emergent event) or Rapid Response Family Meeting (within 72 hours of the emergent event) is to address the immediate concern that is leading to the need to remove the child from his/her home. This inclusive, family approach is designed to not only give family a voice, but to actively involve family in decision-making.

  • Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meetings Overview 
  • Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meeting Report – This report must be submitted to the court if the case is court active and a meeting occurred.
  • Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meetings Quarterly Data Report  (Revised 2023)
  • How to complete the Crisis/Rapid Response Data Report – Education Session Webex

Additional Resources:

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Fillable Forms:

Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meeting Report 

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