2017 Children’s Roundtable Summit

The Kaleidoscope of Change: Expanding the View

On April 24-26th 2017, over 400 Judicial Officers, legal professionals and child welfare agency leaders (representing 52 counties) gathered at Seven Springs PA to attend the bi-annual Pennsylvania Children’s Roundtable Summit.

The theme of the Summit was “The Kaleidoscope of Change: Expanding the View”.

Just as the function of a Kaleidoscope reminds us that even a slight shift in perspective and vision can change the whole picture, the Summit topics raised significant questions with the answers dependent on your perspective or viewpoint.

To access the handouts and materials or to view segments from the presentations please click on the links below:

2017 Children’s Roundtable Summit Agenda

“The Teen Species: Adolescent Neuroscience”

The Teen Species

Presentation Video

Defining “Normal”: Exploring Typical Adolescent Behavior using Evidence-based Theories and Real Life Experience

LGBTQ Youth & Families in the Child Welfare System

Current Trends in Substance Use Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment

Sexual Exploitation of Children: An Overview of Pennsylvania’s Human Trafficking Law

Caseworker Retention, it’s impact on Pennsylvania’s Child Dependency System and what can be done about it