FEI Outcomes

The Family Engagement Initiative outcomes are outlined below. These desirable outcomes were jointly decided on by AOPC/OCFC and DHS/OCYF.  Data will be collected from three resources: CPCMS, AFCARS and county data submitted quarterly outlining information on Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meetings.

Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meeting Data

All FEI counties are required to submit a Crisis/Rapid Response Family Meeting Quarterly Report to [email protected] 

Report dates are due on:

January 1- March 31 quarter is due by May 1

April 1 – June 30 quarter is due by July 31

July 1 – September 30 quarter is due by October 31

July 15 – Previous year’s Follow-Up Data

October 1 – December 31 quarter is due by January 31

Click here to access a blank copy of the CRRFM Quarterly Data Report.

Click here to watch the CRRFM Data Collection Form Webex

County Specific Measurable Outcomes

In addition to the overall desired outcomes outlined above, FEI counties are able to develop their own measurable outcomes. If you have additional areas you would like to measure impact, contact your OCFC Judicial Analyst for assistance.