Faith-Based Organizations

The term faith-based is used to describe organizations that are religious in nature and distinguish those organizations from government, public or private secular organizations. The term Community-Based refers to organizations that are based in the community and provide services that help strengthen that community.

Both types of organizations are an integral part of any community effort, and the protection of children and support of families. Indeed, many children and families are helped by these organizations long before they come to the attention of the Juvenile Dependency Court.

Very often, these are the organizations that provide primary prevention services including after school programs, home visiting services, mentoring programs, food and housing assistance, general support services and much more. They are vital to the health of any community, and can be an incredible resource for children who have been abused or neglected.

In some communities, faith-based organizations and others are partnering with their local child welfare agency to implement innovative and incredibly helpful services for children and families involved with the Child Dependency System.

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